A letter to our guests of Two Rivers Resort

View Rate Sheet Dear Valued Guests of Two Rivers Resort, My name is Jesse Moss, and I am the Chief Operating Officer (“COO”) for STE and I am excited to help plan for a fun and exciting season at...

A Letter from Spokane Tribal Enterprises Administration

Valued Guests, The Two Rivers Resort was established in 1995 as one of the first large scale Spokane Tribe of Indians for profit business ventures. Since that time thousands of visitors and guests...

RFP for Professional Legal Services

The Spokane Tribal Enterprises is seeking Professional Legal Services through an RFP process. The Spokane Tribal Enterprises are owned and operated by the Spokane Tribe of Indians. The RFP...

Spokane Tribal Enterprises

Our mission is to promote, develop and enhance sustainable economic and community service for for-profit business opportunities. Spokane Tribal Enterprises leverages those opportunities to create employment, development and training opportunities for tribal members and Enterprise staff.

Our vision is to be a recognized branded leader in bringing new businesses to fruition and operating those businesses w/ leading industry practices, through leadership and innovation becoming the preferred employer for Spokane Tribal members.

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