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Tshimakain Creek Labs LLC

Tshimakain Creek Labs (T-Creek) specializes in analytical water services, drug testing, and drug screening supplies. With the ability to receive samples from both national and regional entities, T-Creek offers accurate, reliable, and timely results combined with personalized customer service.

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T-Creek offers a full range of analytical and microbial services for water testing. We also offer drugs of abuse testing, as well as drugs of abuse screening supplies. Sampling plans and services for water analysis or drugs of abuse can be designed to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Water Testing

T-Creek is able to provide a number of tests for drinking water and non-potable water. These test methods encompass simple physical property tests to more complex procedures for total nutrients. We specialize in low-level nutrient detection at affordable rates.

Testing Capabilities

Drug Testing

T-Creek offers drugs of abuse testing that is customizable for your specific needs. In addition to pre-employment, random, and reasonable suspicion drug testing, we offer DOT drug testing. Collections can be completed by qualified T-Creek staff at our laboratory or on-location. All substance abuse specimens submitted to T-Creek are tested using an objective, computerized, and automated method to ensure reliable results.

T-Creek also provides our customers with a large selection of fast, accurate, and reliable drug screening products that are 100% manufactured in the USA. These products are adjustable for up to 15 drugs of abuse, alcohol, and adulterants.

T-Creek Website